Monday, 8 July 2013

Should We Clean Up Good Graffiti

I recently underwent a contract to clean up some graffiti on a huge wall outside a primary school. Naturally I was happy to receive a contract such as this so I went out in good spirits looking for the graffiti that needed cleaning up. I was expecting the usual swear words and other such nonsense that teenager seem to have fun writing but I was pleasantly surprised.
The graffiti was a true work of art. A picture of someones face with the words "Hazelwood Massive" written in pretty cool writing. It really did look awesome. So as you can imagine when the man told m that is what needed cleaning up I was pretty surprised and it must of shown on my face because he then said, "Apparently it gives the school a bad image."
So anyway I carried out my job and got rid of the graffiti but my question to you is "Is good graffiti a problem that needs to be cleaned up or is it an admirable piece of art work that not many people can do?"
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Quality Cleaning

Quality Cleaning Supplies and How They Affect Cleaning


You either love it or you hate it but cleaning has become part of our modern lives. Whether it be daily or weekly duties we all need our supplies to help us get the job done. Some products do better than others but that’s not down to luck, that’s all down to quality!

Why buy quality over quantity?


Having lots of something for a good price is good for some things but when it comes to cleaning you should always buy quality over quantity! It may be great having loads of one cleaning product but if it doesn’t do the job correctly then it’s a waste of money in my eyes.

Having a good quality cleaning product can make your cleaning duties so much easier. Removing the hassle of having to really try and use more effort than required is just silly if there is something out there that can do the job better, quicker and easier. I think the term “Why have a dog and bark yourself?” comes in mind. 

How Does This Affect Cleaning?


Well it is pretty simple when you think about it. Imagine using a low quality product that can barely do the job it was manufactured to do, spending all that time and effort trying to force it to work when the reality of it all is it’s probably hasn’t even made a mark on what you are trying to clean.

Using a high quality products can save you the time and energy you waste using low quality ones. They are manufactured, tested and sold to perform the way they should, especially if you purchase it from a reputable business you know have proven their products to perform like they should. They may be a little more expensive but you can’t complain because at the end of the day it’s going to do the job better than any other product on the market.
Buying high quality cleaning products can also be beneficial for you as the ingredients used can be a lot safe to you. The fumes of some products can affect your respiratory system as well as damage you dermatologically from contact between your skin and the product, but that subject is a completely different post for another time!  In simple terms a much greater care is put in to producing and manufacturing high quality products to make sure they do the job while reducing the impact on you.
In summary the bottom line is that higher quality cleaning products when compared to lower quality products  not only get the job done better, quicker and much easier they also have some added benefits for you and your home so purchasing them is more than definitely a positive!
If you are interested in cleaning supplies why not check out the G and S Website?